Colorado CHFA First Time Home buyers

We work with customers who are interested in assistance with their down payment and/or closing costs. We specialize in various CHFA programs that can help you move into a home with a $1,000 down. We're not only able to provide somebody with an assistance grant but CHFA also offers very competitive fixed rates as well as a tax credit program that can be added to your CHFA loan. It's truly a privilege to offer this loan program to our customers. CHFA only works with a limited amount of lenders in Colorado and we are very lucky to be one of them. 

What if you have a down payment? We think that's fantastic and you should be very confident when beginning your home search, but we have always encouraged our customers to look at all their options. If you have saved 5k-15k for a down payment, you still might want to consider leaving your money in the bank and utilizing one of these programs so you have a savings cushion before you take out your loan. Yes, having a down payment is great but we feel that using majority of your savings as down payment might not always be the best idea. Crazy things can happen in life and it's always smart to protect your investment and your family.

CHFA FirstStep Plus * 3% Grant to cover your down payment. This program is targeted towards first-time home buyers. You'll need to invest $1,000 of your own money. The program also allows the seller to pay your closing costs(Up to 6%) Here is some more information on the First-Step Plus Program.

HomeOpener Plus * Purchase anywhere in Colorado w/$1,000 down. Similar to the FirstStep Plus except it's targeted towards non first-time home buyers. No restrictions on previous homeownership and also allows the seller to pay for closing costs. You can find some more details on the HomeOpener matrix here.


We've posted CHFA rates here for you but you can also visit the CHFA website to check out if they've had any rate changes. We try to keep folks updated as often as possible but rates do change quite frequently.

If you're interested in applying with us please feel free to use the form on this page and we will usually contact you the same day assuming it's not too late in the day. There is no cost to get approved and we typically get an approval out in 24 hours.

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CHFA First-Step - 4.25%
30 year Fixed FHA, VA, USDA

CHFA First-Step Plus - 4.75%
30 Year FHA, VA, USDA + 3% Grant for down payment/closing costs.

CHFA HomeStep - 4.75%
FHA, VA, USDA - No First-Time Home Buyer requirement.

CHFA HomeStep Plus - 5%
30 Year Fixed Loan Plus 3% Grant for down payment/closing costs.

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